♔ icon post 『#008』

tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE 18 icons
card captor sakura 08 icons
xxxHOLiC 05 icons
kobato. 08 icons
bleach 10 icons
super mario series {SMW, SMK, M&L RPG 1&2, MRPG} 15 icons
the legend of zelda {SSBB, TP, OoT manga} 20 icons
artwork by tukiji nao 06 icons

= 90 icons.

{sora o miro~} @ le_mushroom

TRC #225 & HOLiC #184

You know, CLAMP loves to make lovely angst-y scenes. All the time.
But... BUT:
Collapse )

Fangirl Post

Happy Birthday Li Syaoran!

A little late, but... gasphagshgsahgasp
Coloring made to match with my current header. 8DDDDD~ (BUT with a image NOT from TRC, like the one in my header.... Ohkawa-sensei, please... WE WANT CCS|SYAORAN IN TRC TOO, 'cause we need more CCS|Syao in our lives! 8D and I know you like CCS too, Ohkawa-sensei!!1 XD)

/fangirl post.