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06 October 2009 @ 12:36 am
... and in the "real" end. [TRC Epilogue]  
OH WELL THIS IS THE REAL END! And OMG i just loved iiiiiiit! |D

Last week I was totally shocked because of the "end" of TRC. I was like...: ...wait, is this the END? O_O
So, I decided to keep my comments for this week, after reading the epilogue.

And now, I can't stop smiling. XD Ok, so MANY plot holes, but (at least, at the present moment XD) I DON'T CARE SAKUSYAO AGAIN EEEE. XDDD /stop fangirling

Ok, I'm not totally satisfied, BUT. It's better than nothing. :P I'm sad about the clones, and I would like a better explanation about FWR and how exactly Nadeshiko suddenly came back to life and a lot of other points that still lack of explanation. And again, Clow remains a mystery. Well, we still have HOLiC Rou, sooo... who knows!


eeeeeee /o/ LOOOL
The SakuSyao scene... YEAH we expected this for YEARS. Well, again the fandom don't get more than we had before. XD the official SyakuSyao kiss will remain a legend XD Very similar to CCS, but still feeling different. I loved the fact that Syaoran said it first. :D

the happy family reunited again XD

In my opinion, the ending was great, but with the feeling of "just wait, we'll make a continuation!1".
(and I loooooved the clothes XD At least in the ending Syaoran was wearing a decent Clow's country outfit. XD)

this is style XD

weeee Nadeshiko and Fujitaka <3

The thing that surprised me in this last chapter was "Tsubasa" as the real name of Sakura AND Syaoran. Various fans around the fandom already guessed that "Tsubasa" could be someone's name, but we never thought that they had the same name . XD

Once again, Ohkawa-sensei surprised us somehow. (:


TRC is not a perfect manga, but I'm sure that it will be in my favorite works. (but CCS still my favorite XD)
It was 3 years for me, because I started to read TRC officially in 2006, but I'll never forget my anxiety and my crazy theories in this years. XD

I went to CLAMP fandom in 2001, when I started to watch Card Captor Sakura. Months later, JBC published CCS manga in Brazil. CCS was my first manga ever, and I have all collection, that I keep like a precious treasure. XD
In almost eight years of CLAMP, and several works, this four ladies still have my fidelity and my appreciation.

And it will remain. Definitely.

the absolutely beautiful last page
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Steh-chan ~witchrae on October 8th, 2009 12:30 am (UTC)
Yeees, it was looove. <3 /fangirl XD

This four ladies really knows how to get our attention. XD That's why we love CLAMP. XDDD